Taxology Presents Country-by-Country Reporting Converters
01 May 2018
Taxology has prepared reporting tools for tax specialists
Russia is joining the global country-by-country reporting (CbCR) process. For companies that are part of international groups, there is a need to submit special 'country reports' to the tax authorities.

Taxology lawyers have created two services that help in preparation of country-by-country reporting: a country report converter and a converter for notifying about membership in an international group of companies.

Based on recommendations of the Russian Federal Tax Service, Taxology specialists have developed special templates in Excel format, and our converters allow to transform an ordinary Excel file to an XML file used by the Federal Tax Service.

The resulting reports are processed by Federal Tax Service's hardware without any problems and can be successfully used in your work!

The converters have been created by a working group consisting of Lyubov Starzhenetskaya, Alexander Chochiev and Mikhail Uspenskiy.