Lyubov Starzhenetskaya
Lyubov heads the company's transfer pricing and international taxation practice.

Before joining Taxology, she worked in the 'big four' companies for more than 7 years.

Over the years of her professional activity, she has participated in 100+ projects for 70+ clients from various sectors of the economy.

In addition, Lyubov successfully advises Russian and foreign companies on the assessment of tax risks, including multi-stage projects on cross-border restructuring.

PhD in law, Head of Practice
PhD in law, author of the first Russian book on controlled foreign
Manufacturing companies
Retail & FMCG
Internet and telecoms
Member of the International Fiscal Association (IFA)
Award winner of the European Association of Tax Law Professors program
Author of numerous scientific articles in leading specialised publications (Nalogoved, Zakon)
Permanent speaker of educational events Infor-media Russia, Pravo TEK, Russian Foundation of Educational Programs Economics and Management, Statut Law School, M-Logos Law Institute
Drawing up 5 transfer pricing packages on sales transactions and equipment rental for a diversified holding
Трансфертное ценообразование
Advising a major production holding on the actual right to income with cross-border payments
Drawing up transfer pricing documents for 4 kinds of transactions for a major broadcasting company
Трансфертное ценообразование
Advising a major retailer in cross-border transfer of participatory interests in and assets of a subsidiary trading network to a third party
Drawing up documents demonstrating that the interest rate used in intercompany financing transactions of a big developer holding company is a market one
Трансфертное ценообразование