Leonid Somov
Leonid has been dealing with taxation issues for more than 15 years. He has extensive practical experience gained in consulting companies and major industrial holdings.

Leonid specializes in projects aimed at improving tax efficiency, the judicial and extra-judicial resolution of complex tax disputes, identifying tax reserves and reducing tax risks, transfer pricing, developing tax procedures, including in connection with accounting automation, etc.

He has extensive experience in the judicial and out-of-court resolution of complex tax disputes. Leonid can boast of dozens of cases won in courts of various instances, including the Presidium of the Supreme Commercial Court of the Russian Federation
He consistently participates in Taxology's transfer pricing and international taxation projects
Leonid is one of the first Russian graduates majoring in «Tax and Taxation»
Mining & Metallurgy
Chemical Industry & Oil Refining
FMCG & Retail
He improves tax efficiency and eliminates tax risks
Real Estate & Construction
Power Engineering
Representing a metallurgical holding company in a precedent-setting tax dispute regarding the arm's length principle for intercompany sureties and pledges
Representing a Russian bank in a precedent-setting dispute over the right to take collection expenses into account
Drawing up documents to justify the prices used in transactions worth over RUB 600 million for a Russian-Norwegian oil producer
Трансфертное ценообразование
Drawing up documents justifying the market price level using a combination of methods for a chemical industry leader
Трансфертное ценообразование
Representing a large-scale mining company's interests in a tax dispute over the estimated value of recovered mineral products